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Posted on: November 15, 2008 12:27 pm

It looks like the San Diego Padres are playing stubborn and the Braves have "pulled back" their offer for Jake Peavy.  The deal would've centered around Yunel Escobar (see my profile picture) so in a way i'm "slightly" happy the trade was removed.  If I were the GM for a day, this is what I would try to do with the Braves:

1. Lock up Jake Peavy - I truly believe the Braves are just calling the Padres bluff at this point.  The Padres GM already said that the train has left the station, or something along those lines and Peavy isn't in the future plans.  If this is true, then they will have to trade him to avoid tensions in the clubhouse next year.  If I'm Jake Peavy, I don't want to pitch for a team that has already moved on without me.  I believe the Padres will eventually fold and deal Peavy to the Braves for the Yunel Escobar, Jo-Jo Reyes, Gorkys Hernandez package.  Jo-Jo is a California native and normally has plenty of family in San Diego when he pitches.  I see him as a good fit there due to his hometown ties to the club.  Yunel Escobar is an all-around solid shortstop, who wont see arbitration for another couple of years... have I mentioned he's my profile picture?  Gorkys Hernandez still has to develop, but he projects as a speed/lead-off hitter for the future.

2. Sign Edgar Renteria - I know Rafael Furcal is out there, but I have a feeling he's going to command some big money to come back to Atlanta.  Edgar can come back to the ATL where he felt comfortable during the entire 2007 season and slot right back into that two-hole in the lineup at a discount of what Furcal would cost.  Renteria is loved in Atlanta and I think he's done with the American League (see failed stints with Boston and Detroit).  This allows the Braves another year to come up with another shortstop of the future just like Yunel Escobar two years ago and Brent Lillibridge (although he's apparently in the doghouse).

3. Try to win the free agency war for Derek Lowe - He's not a big strikeout machine, but there are few pitchers that are as consistent as Derek Lowe.  He's also clutch in the playoffs.  The sinkerballer will be looked over as everyone salivates over CC Sabathia.  Lowe posts a sub 3.50 ERA and can be a perfect compliment to Jake Peavy as a No. 2 starter.  Throw in Jair Jurrjens as the #3 and the Braves are suddenly back near the top of the league in pitching.

4. Add an outfield slugger, Milton Bradley - Other than Adam Dunn, I don't see many big names out on the free agent market.  To be honest, I like Milton Bradley... a lot.  Yes, he's had trouble, but where else are you going to find a .325 average, 25 HR power, and an RBI machine at a price like his?  Bradley has had his troubles, but then again Bobby Cox is just the coach to deal with a player like that.  When Gary Sheffield came to the Braves, everyone was worried that he would be a trouble maker.  Did you ever hear a peep out of Sheffield while playing for the Braves?? Negative.

5. Give Jeff Francoeur a swift kick in the... - Braves fans everywhere cringed with every swing of Francoeur's bat last season.  The kid looked like he had never swung a bat in his life.  After expectations of a breakout season turned into a season-long slump, I really don't know where I stand on Frenchy.  There's no way you give up on him just yet, but I really hope he spent every day of this off-season working on swinging the lumber again.  His cannon right arm is the main reason he stayed with the Braves most of the year (minor stint in Double-A), but he'll need to stay well above the Mendoza line if he expects to keep his job through the 2009 season.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 1:46 pm

GM for a Day

Holliday... Pujols type numbers??? I disagree.  Matt Holliday is MUCH better at Coors Field.  I believe his value is overhyped due to this effect and the Rockies were smart to get rid of him.

2007 @ Coors Field: .332 AVG, .584 Slugging, 15 HR, 59 RBIs

2007 Away from Coors: .308 AVG, .486 Slugging, 10 HR, 29 RBIs

As for Renteria,

2005 - .276 AVG in AL for Red Sox

2006 - .293 AVG in NL for Braves

2007 - .332 AVG in NL for Braves

2008 - .270 AVG in AL for Tigers

So it's not like it was "years" ago that he was good.  He fit perfectly well in the National League just a season ago.  He was comfortable in the Braves clubhouse due to his decreased role of importance.  In Boston he had a lot of pressure to replace Nomar Garciaparra.  In Detroit, he was expected to put up all-star numbers like he did in 2007 with the Braves, and when he started to struggle they turned on him because Tiger fans saw how Jair Jurrjens was turning in an NL ROY candidate type of season for the Braves.


Overall I think we both agree that changes need to be made, but I just disagree with your evaluation of Holliday.  I'm as big of a Yunel Escobar supporter as anybody, but you don't get stud arms like Peavy at the discounted rate they could get him for.  When you have Sabathia and Santana in line for $20 million + per year and you can get Peavy for $14 million per year for the next 4 years?!? That's tough to pass up.  Thanks for contributing though.


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Posted on: December 1, 2008 1:11 am

GM for a Day

You need to understand baseball to know why that isn't a good play for the braves.  Getting peavy isn't really a bad idea but you are giving up several top prospects including escobar who will be a very good player.  Renteria is big money and hasn't really had a good season in a while.  hard to expect him to just magically be the player he was a few years ago.  Lowe is about 35 years old so how many millions over how many years do you want to handcuff the braves to in order to get him?  you think the braves could use a noose like Mike hampton?  Maybe lowe doesn't fall into that but i have a hard time giving 5 years and 75+ million to 35 year old pitcher that isn't exactly greg maddux.   Bradley isn't a bad player in fact he is a very good player when healthy.  However he is nothing but a headache and beyond that when was the last time he stayed healthy for a season?  He has only managed 130 games once in his entire career.  forgive me if i dont get to excited about throwing big money at a guy like that coming off a career year.   You are right about frechy but i'm sure that has been done.  In fact that is probably part of the reason he had that minor league stint you talked about.  isn't it?

I've stated before.  i think the braves should have made a play at matt holliday.   He does stay healthy and basically puts up pujols type numbers.   The braves probably could have gotten him for Kelly johnson and maybe one or two other prospects like gorkys hernandez who is mentioned in the peavy trade.   Then move prada into 2nd base.   Then make a run at starting pitchers.  Hudson could be back later this year or if not next year so you already have an ace.  Jurrjens looks to be an ace.   Then sign one of sabathia ,lowe or burnett.   Then make a play for a 2nd tier starter like oliver perez.   he has shown he has ace potential.  He could be had for a fraction of what some of these other guys are demanding. 

My plan would give you a rotation of burnett ,hudson ,jurrjens ,perez and campillo for the end of the season or early 2010.  They could sign someone like hampton to a one year deal to take hudson's spot until he returns.   They could keep escobar and get a stud like holliday.   That is a better rotation ,a better lineup and it would cost about the same money. 

Obviously this is pointless because holliday is gone ,but that would have been a better plan. 

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Posted on: November 29, 2008 6:02 pm

GM for a Day

If they get Jake Peavy, they might as well get A.J. Burnett too. You can't win a world series without a good one-two punch at the head of your rotation. Look at every single World Series (see example below), you will see that, at that time, the team could rely on their first two starters to win the games they started in the WS. There's no point of trading away all that talent for Peavy without complimenting him with another star pitcher. It's just common sense.

Basic MLB math:

Two dominating pitchers = World Series Championship


(For example:

Hamels + Moyer = '08 Phillies WSC

Beckett + Schilling = '07 Red Sox WSC

Buerhle + Garland = '06 White Sox WSC

Carpenter + Mulder = '05 Cardinals WSC

Martinez + Schilling = '04 Red Sox WSC

Beckett + Penny = '03 Marlins WSC

Washburn + Lackey = '02 Angels WSC

Johnson + Schilling = '01 Diamondbacks WSC

Clemens + Pettitte = '00 Yankees WSC


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Posted on: November 27, 2008 4:38 pm

GM for a Day

Everyone forgets about the cannon he has in the outside. It is almost unmatched.

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Posted on: November 27, 2008 4:37 pm

GM for a Day

The reason the Braves were so good in the 90's was because of the pitching. Peavy would be a start. I think you hit all the right points on this column.

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Posted on: November 25, 2008 1:53 am

GM for a Day

I forgot the whole point of me posting. 

What the Braves need is a consistent offensive threat in the lineup.  They don't need another guy that misses 40+ games a year when they already have Chipper.

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Posted on: November 25, 2008 1:50 am

GM for a Day

Renteria hit .239 last year against RHP and his defense declined a lot.  I think Furcal is a much better investment than Renteria, despite being more expensive.

Derek Lowe will be 36 in June.  I don't think he's worth $16 million a year at age 36-39.

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 10:23 am

GM for a Day

1. if they throw in another pitcher the deal gets done.
2.  i think we should go after orlando cabrera instead of renteria.
3. derek lowe is off the radar. we need to go after jon garland in my opinion.
4. as for an outfielder i  think milton bradley would be a great addition but i would prefer to have a one year outfielder like say ken griffey jr, cause jason heyward should be in the bigs in '10 and i think hes going to be a superstar. 
5. as for francoeur i think he needs  a good psychiatrist to get the rain cloud out of his head. he needs to realize he isnt going to be a leader on this team hes just a follower. mccann/chipper are the leaders of this team and mccann is the future leader of this team. he is trying to hard to get big money when in reality he should come to terms that hes a subpar hitter with great outfielding skills who isnt worth the big bucks.
anyways thats what i think should go down.

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